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If you’re shopping for curtains and blinds in Sydney, Sydney Curtains & Blinds have just what you’re looking for. We supply a full range of fabrics and many “end-of-lines” which help the budget conscious and we pride ourselves with our attention to detail in all of our work. From selecting the appropriate track and colour, right through to the finished drape or curtain, the Sydney Curtains & Blinds desire to “get it right the first time” is always to the fore. You can feel at ease knowing that the Sydney Curtains & Blinds blind installation team offers completely superior blind installation expertise. From roller window blind installation to Venetian blind installation, you can be confident knowing that your curtains and blinds needs are in the best hands.

Extensive and Exquisite Range of Designs of Curtains and Blinds in Sydney

Sydney Curtains & Blinds provide a wide range of attractive and affordable blinds. We have a beautiful collection of window coverings that vastly vary in style and function. Our selection includes both manual and motorised vertical, Roman, Venetian and roller blinds. We supply high quality curtains and blinds manufactured from the finest materials and fabrics. If you’re seeking superior blind installation in Sydney, our extremely experienced and professional blind installation team meticulously installs both outdoor and indoor blinds. Look no further for your curtains and blinds needs. From motorised roller blinds to Venetian blinds, Sydney Curtains & Blinds have the ideal solution for any living space.

Roller Window Blinds

Blinds Installation Sydney

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile window covers you can buy. They are timeless in looks and have hardly any moving parts, which makes these blinds very low maintenance and easy to repair. Roller blinds are so robust and are the perfect choice for any rental property in Sydney. Depending on the fabric used, our roller window blinds range from ‘light filtering’ through to ‘full blockout’.


Roller indoor blinds are great for bedrooms. We have found that many tenants feel that their room needs to be darker in the mornings. Roller blinds are usually the best solution to this problem because they can effectively block natural light, are highly affordable and won’t damage your rental property. They can also be adjusted to cater for people who do enjoy morning sunlight.


If privacy is needed during the daylight hours, then our three per cent, five per cent and ten per cent  mesh indoor blinds are a great option. All three weaves can be combined with blockout fabrics for night-time use. They can also share the same brackets as your other blinds. This makes them the ideal solution, if a modern, clean look is required. If pelmets are used, then the brackets can be hidden from view completely. This option have a nice and fresh minimalist appeal.

An Attractive Solution

Our bottom window rails come in a wide variety of materials, colours and shades. This means that Sydney Curtains & Blinds can match our rails to perfectly suit your interiors and personal taste. We also offer a ‘hidden rail’ option. The upside of hidden rails is that they disguise unsightly and uneven finishes. They create a nice, clean-looking indoor blind.


All of the roller blinds at Sydney Curtains & Blinds come with different chain colours. This includes a stainless steel option, which is great for those areas where there is constant moisture in the air. We also use a ‘booster spring’ for larger windows to ensure that heavier blinds can be lifted with ease. For our wider window covers, we tend to use heavy duty tubes, which are very stiff and do not bend.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Our highly experienced and incredibly professional blinds installation team here at Sydney Curtains & Blinds also sells and installs motorised roller blinds in Sydney. Our basic rollers can easily be made ‘automatic’ and used by remote control. They are either hard-wired or battery-operated, which is a decision that depends on the circumstances and the building. That’s why it is always a good idea to seek the advice of our extremely professional and experienced team at Sydney Curtains & Blinds, the best blinds sale and installation team in Sydney. You can feel confident that all of your curtains and blinds needs will be met at Sydney Curtains & Blinds.


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